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"Anton Pann" Classroom

The old classroom of the First Romanian School is called after the name of a great storyteller, vvho use to visit pretty often the school and whose books and documents are kept and shown in the museum.

A local chronicle makes a mention of the year 1495 when "the school and the church were built", but on 1399 a bull of the Pope Bonifaciu the IX-th mentions the existence of the buildings and a recently discovered textbook ("Omiliar") drops the supposition of the existence of the school on Xl-XII-th centuries.

Since its foundation and during its existence, the school has been represented a center of culture, where the first Romanian books were edited and printed by deacon Coresi: the first chronicle with a Romanian subject, the first Romanian Grammar written by Dimitrie Eustatievici on 1757, the first Romanian almanac and calendar created by scholar Petcu Soanu. The cultural center became a very good school for preparing and training the copysts, translators and transcribers for religious books and documents, for text books, official documents and culture writings.