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"Brasov's books and scholars" Room

The scholars of Brasov have been served both the school and the church and they have created values which maintained burning the light of culture in the Schei district of Brasov.

Copists, translators, creators of literary language, of music and arts, are presented in this room by some of the values sheltered in the historical archives of the museum: "The Homiliary" Omiliarul" of Xl-XII-th century, Priest Bratu's Prayer Book Molitvelnicul Popei Bratu, Archpriest Radu Tempea II-nd's Chronicle Cronica protopopului Radu Tempea II, Archpriest Vasile's Prayer Book Parimiarul protopopului Vasile, the oil paintings of the "Andrei Saguna" High School's founders painted by Misu Pop and the Ciprian Porumbescu's musical comedy "New Moon" scores.