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Museum complex

Recently restored, the museum exhibition area inside the churchyard includes around 30 rooms showing the historical values which enforce the Schei district of Brasov to be proud of its participation to the national patrimony of traditions and culture.

You can visit here exhibitions on specific themes: "The Youngsters of Brasov", '"Schei district of Brasov in Stefan Mironescu's paintings", "Tudor Ciortea Museum", "Ex Libris Museum", "Nicolae Titulescu Museum", "Ion Colan Museum". A new exhibition "Universal and National Patrimony" are on the way to be organized.

"The youngsters of Brasov" Museum"The youngsters of Brasov" Museum 
The museum contains old preserved values and donations coming from the "youngsters" groups and shows the a customs, the symbols, the rites, the myths, the variety of the national costumes and the ethics of the old Romanian a community of Schei.  [Details]

"Ex-libris" Museum"Ex-libris" Museum 
Based on the donations of Dr. Emil Bologa, the exhibition contains three sections.  [Details]

"Tudor Ciortea" Museum"Tudor Ciortea" Museum 
Son of Brasov, born in 1903 in a family of intellectuals, Tudor Ciortea begins musical studies in Cluj, after which he goes to Brussels, Paris and other great cities of the world. His maestros are Maurice Imbert, Paul Dukakis, Constantin BrSiloiu, and among his mates are Gh. Dima, Rudolf Lassel, Paul Richter.  [Details]

The "St. Nicholas" ChurchThe "St. Nicholas" Church 
A document of 1292 refered to this church, the bull of the Pope of 1399 mentioned also the church, but the building of "St. Nicholas" church started on 1495 with the support of the voivodes over the mountains (Vlad the Monk, Neagoe Basarab, Mihai Viteazul, Petru Cercel, Aron Voda, Gheorghe Stefan etc.).  [Details]