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"The youngsters of Brasov" Museum

The museum contains old preserved values and donations coming from the "youngsters" groups and shows the a customs, the symbols, the rites, the myths, the variety of the national costumes and the ethics of the old Romanian a community of Schei.

The annual Tour of Youngsters of Brasov, followed by rustic celebrations represents an old spring tradition (starting the 25-th of March and ending the first Sunday after the Easter) and it is very spectacular by its fine show with the tour of rider youngsters where each group has a different costume design and colour depending on age and importance in the community and by the final challenges for showing the ability in fighting with ancient weapons (bows, maces etc). The origin of these celebrations is two thousands years back in time, during the dacian era.

The fur caps of the members of The Whites, of The Foot Soldiers and of The Coppers remember of the prince's Mihai Viteazul cap (Mihai Viteazul Michael the Brave made the unification of the three Romanian regions: Transylvania, Moldova and Wallachia for the first time in the Romanian history, on 1600). The costumes worn by The Reds, The Coppers and The Foot Soldiers remember those of the Romanian soldiers during the War for Independence of 1877 against the turks and the colours of the national flag are kept even inside the fur caps.